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State of the Tropics: Assessing Key Trends and Challenges

Background: The landmark State of the Tropics Report, led by James Cook University and a consortium of eleven other tropical universities and research institutes, is the first in-depth, objective assessment of the tropics as an environmental and geopolitical entity in its own right.  The report assesses the environmental, social, demographic and economic state of the region and the implications of the immense changes the region is experiencing.  The tropics not only sustain the bulk of Earth’s biodiversity, but also is the most dynamic region globally in terms of economic and population growth. Such growth is generating a wide range of environmental and societal challenges, and also new opportunities.

Goals: In compiling the ambitious State of the Tropics Report, researchers generated massive datasets on a wide range of environmental, social and economic indicators.  Our goals are to analyse these data from a variety of perspectives—particularly looking for crosscutting trends across different datasets and geographic regions.  We will also search for key gaps in the data and areas where further research is needed.  Our overarching goals are to identify key challenges for the future, and emerging threats and concerns for tropical environments and societies.  We hope to see our synthetic findings published in a range of technical and popular venues—helping to raise the global profile for these vital issues and challenges.

Flagship coordinators: Dr Tobin Northfield

TESS team members:

Centre for Tropical Environmental & Sustainability Sciences

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