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Sustainable Tropical Agriculture

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Background: By 2050, more than half of the world’s population will be in the tropics and most of those people’s livelihoods come from agriculture. Growing populations, wealth and urbanisation are all driving expansion and intensification of agriculture in the tropics. At the same time, there is widespread degradation of soil and ecosystems, on-farm, in the surrounding landscape and downstream. As we move into a future with more people and less hospitable climate, the condition of the land and resilience of our agricultural management systems have never been more important. At JCU, we are embedded in and understand the tropics, with all its unique biophysical, social, economic, governance, land tenure and infrastructural characteristics.Image 2

Goals: In this flagship project, we aim to help farmers, their advisors and regulators fulfil the potential of agriculture to provide sufficient healthy food, livelihoods, clean water and clean atmosphere, and pass the land on to future generations in better shape than it was received. Together with farmers, we aim to do this by producing:

  • Better understanding of agro-ecological processes
  • Better management strategies and tools for improving productivity, resistance to pests, diseases and climate extremes, and condition of soil, water and the atmosphere
  • Better methods for assessing agro-ecosystem condition and functions and informing land use and management decisions

Flagship Coordinator: A/Prof Paul Nelson

TESS Team Members:Image 3

Sandra Abell

Getachew Agegnehu

Michael Bird

Agni (Intu) Boedhihartono

Lucas Cernusak

Alexander Cheesman

Allan Dale

Yvette Everingham

Samantha Forbes

Miriam Goosem

Yoko Ishida

Karen Joyce

Emma Kiup

Lori Lach

James Langston

Susan Laurance

Han She Lim

Colin MacGregor

Bronwyn Masters

Tobin Northfield

Ryan Orr

Ana Palma

Lénaic Pardon

Rebecca Pearse

Noto Prabowo

Rebecca Riggs

Fabio Roque

Jeff Sayer

Peter Wood


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