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Our Research Themes

  • Theme-Ecology.Bio.Conserv

  • Theme-terrestrialbiogeochem

  • Theme-sustainablelivelihood

  • Theme-training.comm.capacity


Theme 1 - Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation

Researching the ecology, biogeography and biodiversity of tropical terrestrial biota and the impact of climate and land use change.

Translating this knowledge into:

  • protected area and landscape management in tropical terrestrial environments
  • assessment of ecological and physiological responses to environmental change
  • understanding the drivers of changing patterns of biodiversity


Theme 2 - Environmental Change and Archaeology

Researching the rates and trajectories of environmental and archaeological change in the tropics on a range of timescales, the drivers of change and their interactions

Translating this knowledge into:

  • assessment of the role of humans in shaping and adapting to environmental change
  • prediction of the trajectories of future environmental change
  • Planning for adaptation to future environmental change


Theme 3 - Ecosystem Science

Researching the fundamental processes driving the cycling of carbon, nutrients and water in the tropics, their interactions and human impact

Translating this knowledge into:

  • sustainably enhancing food, water and livelihood security across the tropical world
  • reducing human impact on the natural  environment in the tropics
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing carbon sequestration potential


Theme4_icon.jpgTheme 4 -Sustainable Landscapes and Livelihoods

Researching the dynamic interactions between societies, economies and the environment

Translating this knowledge into:

  • influencing planning for adaptation to environmental change in the tropics
  • understanding of the interconnections between population movements, agriculture, resource exploitation and rural livelihoods.
  • developing scenarios that enable economic growth and poverty alleviation while maintaining environmental values


Theme5_icon.jpgTheme 5 -Education, Training & Capacity Building


Translating our research into:

  • formal higher education outcomes at undergraduate and post-graduate level
  • extension and experiential offerings at primary and secondary school level
  • professional and corporate short courses

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