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Victoria Graham


School: Marine and Tropical Biology

TESS role: MPhil student

Location: Sydney

Phone number: +61-0414 074 823


Supervisor(s): Oscar Venter, Susan Laurance, Alana Grech


I completed my schooling in Sydney and graduated from Macquarie University in 2005 with a BBA specialising in International Finance & Economics, spending a semester abroad at the International School of Business in Rome. In 2011, I returned to tertiary studies and graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma of Research (Science) from JCU, Cairns, studying the response of rainforest frogs to habitat modification.

Currently I am completing an MPhil in Conservation Science investigating cost-effective opportunities for reducing forest-based carbon emissions (REDD+) in Southeast Asia. I have collaborated with scientists on numerous research projects, spanning Australia, Southeast Asia, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu.

Identifying cost-effective climate mitigation opportunities in Southeast Asia

My research interests are multi-disciplinary, broadly covering the environmental and economic trade-offs of development scenarios. For my research, I am applying quantitative tools (e.g. geographic information systems (GIS), cost-benefit analysis and decision support software) to investigate cost-effective climate mitigation strategies (REDD+) in Southeast Asia.

Research interests:

  • Using quantitative tools, e.g. geographic information systems (GIS), cost-benefit analysis and decision support software, to explore trade-offs of planning scenarios
  • The impacts of land-use and climate change on biodiversity
  • Assessing the potential for Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+) to mitigate carbon emissions in Indonesia
  • The design and management effectiveness of protected areas


Graham V, Laurance S G, Grech A, McGregor A, Venter O (2016) A comparative assessment of the financial costs and carbon benefits of REDD+ strategies in Southeast Asia Environ Res Lett 11:114022 DOI

Graham V, Laurance S G, Grech A, Venter O 2017 Spatially explicit estimates of forest carbon emissions, mitigation costs and REDD+ opportunities in Indonesia Environmental Research Letters 12 044017 DOI

Personal interests

My hobbies include bushwalking, writing and ocean swimming. I love the outdoors and especially love to go ‘frogging’. I am a keen writer and have had my work published in Australian Geographic, Outdoor, Australasian Science, The Thesis Whisperer and Inkling.