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Michelle Venter

From coast to clouds; carbon assessment, monitoring and management in tropical forests of Papua New Guinea

School: Earth and Environmental Sciences

TESS role: PhD Student

Location: Smithfield QLD, Macgregor Rd, A21 room 36

Phone number: +61 421 121 752


Supervisor(s): Michael Bird, David Gillieson, Susanne Laurance


I completed a BSc. of Ecology in 2005 and spent the next six years working as a field biologist. Some of that time was spent snorkeling rivers in Easter Canada studying Atlantic salmon behavior, on the Bering Sea aboard commercial fishing vessels assessing fish by-catches, and in the Australian Outback evaluating biodiversity and carbon.

For my PhD research, I will assess above ground biomass across a 3100m altitude gradient in remote primary forests of Papua New Guinea. I will also explore the role of traditional land-management practices in carbon sequestration, as well as evaluate data from community-based forest monitoring programs.

My study sites are in the beautiful Yopno-Uruwa-Som Conservation area located in the Huon Peninsula of Papua New Guinea

My research in 1 minute! Click for Video



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    Personal interests

    I enjoy sailing and fishing on the weekends...or weekdays.

    Centre for Tropical Environmental & Sustainability Sciences

    Twitter (@TESSJCU)