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TESS seminars feature international, Australian, and local JCU researchers whose work falls within Tropical Environmental and Sustainability Sciences. If you are hosting a visitor or would like to give a seminar yourself, please email the seminar coordinator, Lori Lach ( Note that speakers are typically established or post-doctoral researchers. TESS post-grads are encouraged to present at the annual TESS retreat.

TESS Seminar Schedule


Semester 2


SpeakerProvisional title

Dieter Hochuli (USYD)

Life in the City: how nature persists in urban environments and why it matters

2/08/17 Sarina MacFadyen (CSIRO) The challenge of managing for ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes
9/08/17 Gillian McCloskey & Louise Hateley (DNRM) Catchment Modelling in the Wet Tropics: can we meet the load reduction targets?
16/08/17 Lee Berger (JCU) Impacts and management of chytridiomycosis in Australian amphibians
23/08/17 Joshua Cinner (JCU)
30/08/17 Timothy Cohen (UOW)
6/09/17 Lecture Recess No Seminar
13/09/17 Melodie McGeoch (Monash)
20/09/17 Peter Veth (UWA)
27/09/17 Francisco Dallmeier (Smithsonian)
4/10/17 Benjamin Allen (USQ)
11/10/17 Lori Lach (JCU)
18/10/17 Heike Feldhaar (U. Beyreuth, Germany)
25/10/17 Luke Holman (UniMelb)

Semester 1


SpeakerProvisional title

Tony Webster (CSIRO)

How a spoonful of sugar makes the water quality go down, and delightful mitigation options

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Paul Nelson (JCU)

Modelling environmental impacts of agriculture

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David Singh (CI Guyana) & David Cassells 

Tropical Conservation Rainforest Opportunities and Challenges in the Guiana Shield

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Laurance Lab Team (JCU)

Impacts of Rapid Road Expansion: Pt1 Photographic Journey Across the Congo, Pt2 Optimizing Infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific

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Christa Placzek (JCU)

Seeing the rate through the trees: Influence of precipitation and vegetation on millennial-scale erosion rates

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Lecture Recess

No Seminar
05/04/17 Steve Turton (CQU)

Expansion of the tropics: Revisiting frontiers of geographical knowledge

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12/04/17 Emma Collier-Baker (UQ, HAkA Indonesia) Frontline Protection and Legal Advocacy: Conserving the Leuser Ecosystem
19/04/17 Stephanie Duce (JCU)

The secret life of spurs and grooves: the form, function and evolution of one of the least studied zones of coral reefs

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26/04/17 Tobin Northfield (JCU)

It's always the last place you look: Is the key to feeding the world in biodiversity conservation

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03/05/17 Angela Moles (UNSW)

Rapid evolution in introduced species: will introduced plant species eventually be accepted as unique native taxa? 

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10/05/17 Mark Broich & Mirela Tulbure (UNSW)

Remote Sensing of vegetation cover change and dynamics & Spatiotemporal analysis of surface water dynamics and environmental change

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17/05/17 Silvia Tavares (JCU)

Surviving crises: Urban livability after disasters

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24/05/17 Ayesha Tulloch (UNSW)

Why do we map threats? Making more informed conservation decisions

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TESS Seminar Schedule


Semester 2


SpeakerProvisional title

Dr Karen Joyce (JCU)

Beyond pretty pictures: Using drones for quantitative environmental monitoring

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Dr Dean Paini (CSIRO)

Transport networks and invasive species

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Prof. James O'Connell (Utah)

The Restaurant Revisited: more on modelling the human colonisation of Pleistocene Sahul

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Mr Julen Gonzalez (CSIRO)

Re-coupling biodiversity and production in the Wet Tropics: an Agent based modelling approach

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Ms Lisa Jones (JCU)

The Art of Science Communication: a personal parasitic journey

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Dr Margaret Mayfield (UQ)

Modern drivers of novel community assembly: What Western Australian wildflowers can tell us about plant communities in a changing world

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Dr Amy Diedrich (JCU)

Trust is a key component for success of Protected Areas: Exploring the roots of social conflict in the Galapagos Islands

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Dr Tasmin Rymer (JCU)

A radical perspective on animal behaviour: Why animals are not machines or robots

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A/Prof. Mike Rowland (Adjunct JCU)

Confessions of an "Environmental Determinist" (sic)

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Semester break


Dr Alan Williams (UNSW)

Population and Mobility in Prehistoric Australia: Developing a Regional Framework for Archaeological and Palaeo-Climatic Correlations

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Dr Sandra Abell (JCU)

Healthy Bettongs: Could disease be a cause of Bettongia tropica population declines?

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A/Prof Mike Liddell (JCU)

ILTER Bottom Up Initiative- Data Integration Across Continents: Understanding changes in biodiversity, carbon and water under climate change

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No Seminar


TESS Special Event:

Dr Paul Ehrlich (Stanford)

THE PRESENT MASS EXTINCTION: Where do the tropics fit?

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Semester 1


SpeakerProvisional title

Dr. Lisa C Davenport  (Florida/Duke)

Mapping avian flyways in the Amazon: State of knowledge and future directions

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Prof. Bill Laurance (JCU)


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Dr. Brad Congdon (JCU)

Seabirds in hot water: Linking seabird foraging success & oceanography on the Great Barrier Reef

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Dr. Henry Boer (Griffith)

Deliberative engagement in REDD+: Governing forest reforms and carbon projects in Indonesia

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Dr. Lucas Cernusak (JCU)

Impacts of climate change on tropical trees: Current knowledge and pressing uncertainties

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Dr. Shannon M. Murphy (Denver)

What to eat? Commonalities in how herbivores and parasitoids choose their diet

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Dr. Ann Hill (WSU)

Rebuilding lives: enacting ethical economic futures in the face of crisis

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Seminar Break


Prof. John Terborgh (Duke)

Forest elephants: Ecological engineers or passive giants? Perspectives from Africa and Asia

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Prof. Roy Sidle (USC)

The long and winding roads: Assessment of an overlooked contributor of sediment and environmental degradation in southeast Asia

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Dr Martine Maron (UQ)

When policies collide: How biodiversity offsetting interacts with conservation targets

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Dr Ro Hill (CSIRO)

Biocultural Approaches to Pollinator Conservation: Findings from the first global assessment by the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

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No Seminar


Semester 2


SpeakerProvisional title

Dr. Euan Ritchie (Deakin)   

Predator-prey interactions, from Romania to the Mallee                            

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Professor Bill Laurance (JCU)

Estimating the environmental costs of Africa's massive 'development corridors'

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Dr. Timothy Searchinger  (Princeton)

Creating a Sustainable Food Future

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Professor David Lindenmayer (ANU)

Forest restoration to prevent forest ecosystem collapse – a 32-year case study from the wet forests of Victoria

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Dr. Susan Laurance (JCU)

Can secondary forests really save tropical biodiversity? A case study from tropical Australia

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Dr. Cass Hunter (JCU)

Participatory adaptation research in the Torres Strait: communities, values, well-being and priority planning for future impacts

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Professor Steve Turton (JCU)

A science-practice partnership to improve natural resource planning and management under a changing climate - a northeast Australian example

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Professor Bob Pressey (JCU)

Making parks make a difference: poor alignment of planning, management, and policy with protected-area impact, and ways forward

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Seminar break


Professor Michael Bird (JCU)

Humans, megafauna and environmental change in Tropical Australia

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Professor John Terborgh (Duke)

Competition, predation and diversity: the balance between predation and competition regulates diversity

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Dr April Reside (JCU)

Trading off the future? Identifying priority areas for biodiversity and carbon for current and a climate change future

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Prof. Bob Stevenson & Ellen Field (JCU)

Sustainability as learning: Beyond scientific knowledge and behaviour and policy change

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Semester 1

Date Speaker Provisional title
04/03/15 Professor Jeff Sayer (JCU)

Conserving primary forests; are conservation organisations being distracted by poverty and REDD+

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11/03/15 Dr. Benjamin Turner (Smithsonian)

Soil phosphorous and the ecology of lowland tropical forests

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18/03/15 Professor Bill Laurance (JCU)
Climate change and the future of tropical biodiversity: What do we know and not know?

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25/03/15 Dr. Geoff Hyde 
01/04/15 Dr. Tobin Northfield (JCU)
08/04/15 Dr. Neils Munksgaard  (JCU) 

15/04/15 Dr. Kevin Parnell (JCU)

Dr David MacLaren (JCU) 
Mr Frank Zich (JCU)


Seminar break


Rupert Russell (QWPS)

Active, curious, sociable, elite gliding possum

Watch the videorecording


Ann Penny (JCU) &
Dr. Mark Ziembicki (JCU)

State of the Tropics: opportunities and challenges for a dynamic and diverse region in a rapidly changing world

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Dr Noel Preece (JCU) &
Dr. Penny van Oosterzee (Director Biome5)

Getting real about landscape-scale reforestation – and a stunning result or cunning stunt?

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27/05/15 Dr Christian Reepmeyer (ANU)

Climate Change in the Abandonment of Islands: Understanding Human Responses and Population Dynamics in Palau, Micronesia

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24/06/15 Dr Rosalie Hocking

What Geochemistry Teaches us About Catalyst design (30 min) & What is a synchrotron and what can it do for me (10 min)


Semester 2


SpeakerProvisional title
30/07/14 Paul Nelson (JCU)

Sustaining soil and water resources in oil palm landscapes of Papua New Guinea

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06/08/14 Nathan English(JCU)

How can we turn cactus spines into paleao-thermometers to learn about Earth's environmental history?

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13/08/14 Don Franklin &Noel Preece (CDU & JCU)

A conservation assessment of the eucalypts of northern Australia

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20/08/14 David Guez (U. Newcastle) Trapping a dangerous invader: Sugar preferences of the Asian honeybee
27/08/14 Bob Costanza(ANU)

Ecosystem Services Science

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03/09/14 Roger Kitching(Griffith) Moths and mountains: Using arthropod assemblages in forests as indicators of adjacent climates – patterns, processes and problems
10/09/14 Lian Pin Koh (U. Adelaide)

Game of Drones: Low-cost UAVs for Conservation Research and Applications

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17/09/14 Ellen Field (JCU)

Scientists, Environmental Advocacy and Social MEdia: Why Bother?

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24/09/14 Nandini Velho(JCU)

Conservation of large mammals in a global biodiversity hotspot

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08/10/14 Lingfei Weng (JCU)

Tradeoffs between mining and conservation in the Congo Basin

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15/10/14 Tim Brodribb(UTas)

Why Vascular Plants Dominate the Earth

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22/10/14 David Taylor Environmental changes in a biodiversity hotspot: the Virunga volcanoes, Albertine Rift, central Africa

Stuart Bunn(Griffith)

The importance of subsidies to river and wetland food webs

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Semester 1

DateSpeakerProvisional title

James Watson (WCS-USA & UQ)

How well are scientists helping the conservation community tackle climate change?

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5/03/14 Jeff Sayer (JCU)

Agriculture and the future of tropical nature

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12/03/14 Sean Sloan (JCU)

Natural vegetation in the global biodiversity hotspots: How much is left, and how do we know?

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19/03/14 Christa Placzek (JCU)

Life on the edge of tropical moisture belts

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26/03/14 Bill Laurance (JCU)

A global strategy for road building

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2/04/14 Simon Robson (JCU)

JCU’s Centre for Tropical Biodiversity & Climate Change: Moving forward in a rapidly changing world

Watch the video recording

9/04/14 Jon Nott (JCU)

Tropical Cyclones, ENSO and the AD1300 Pacific Event

Watch the video recording

23/04/14 Steve Turton (JCU)

Paradise lost? The status and future of East Rennell World Heritage Area, Solomon Islands

Watch the video recording

30/04/14 Mark Ziembicki (JCU & UQ)

Addressing one of Australia’s most pressing biodiversity conservation challenges - the decline of its native mammals

Watch the video recording

7/05/14 Steve Williams (JCU)

Species resilience and extinction proneness: a critical factor in protecting biodiversity in the face of a changing climate

Watch the video recording

14/05/14 Lindsay Hutley (CDU)

The dynamics of carbon loss and gain in Australia's tropical savannas

Watch the video recording

21/04/14 Andy Suarez (UI)

Invading ants and their ecological success

Watch the video recording

28/05/14 Menna Jones (UTAS)

Devils, disease and diversity: Can we restore keystone ecological function within current and prehistoric range?

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