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3 post-doc positions going at TropWATER, JCU

TropWATER @JCU has 3 post-doctoral level positions available. These vacancies are now open and candidates can apply online via Jobs@JCU.  Applications will close at Midnight on Sunday 22 October 2017.  These positions will also be advertised in various online sources (Water Jobs, Uni Jobs, seek etc.). 

These are Academic level A or B positions (depending on experience):

  1. Position 16146 will mainly work on wetland systems repair in the GBR catchments and Torres Strait, plus coastal ecology, habitat enhancement/restoration, coastal water quality in ports and aquatic ecology projects in Gulf of Carpentaria/Cape York.  Good all round ecology skills required.  Lots of variety in this position.
  2. Position 16147 will work on eDNA.  The position will focus on answering ecological questions about the abundance and distribution of various rare and exotic aquatic animal and plant species in northern Australia, using eDNA as the tool for these investigations.  The person should have at least some genetics background but if not strong, they will be working as part of a team of post-docs that possess considerable lab genetic skills.
  3. Position 16148 will work on freshwater ecology.  Like 16146, this position will cover water and sediment quality, fish, invertebrate and riparian vegetation study so a wide variety of ecology skills is required.  This position will mostly work on projects related to mining and industrial impacts on freshwater environments.

For enquiries contact Prof. Damien Burrows:
P: 07-47814262

Also see our website at for some ideas on the range of projects we work on.

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