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Dr Yangang Li completes one-year research placement at TropWATER

Dr Yanfang Li has successfully completed a one-year research placement with TropWATER, JCU. Dr Li is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow from China supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and has been working with Professor Eric Wolanski on a number of projects. In her time down-under Dr Li studied and modelled:

  • The Fly River plume intrusion into the Torres Strait
  • The intrusion of warm water from the Gulf of Carpentaria into the Torres Strait and the northern Great Barrier Reef during the 2016 mass coral bleaching
  • The pelagic ecosystem and ecohydrology of Liazhou Bay, a large bay in the Bohai Sea, and in particular the importance of annual jellyfish blooms on local fisheries
  • The water circulation in the Bohai Sea and Bohai Strait

Research highlights include demonstrating using the SLIM model that the archipelago of small islands in the southern Bohai Strait controls the flushing of the Bohai Sea. Dr Li also showed that the the 'sticky water' effect demonstrated to exist in the Great Barrier Reef also applies to the Bohai Strait in China, truly a paradigm shift in China oceanography. We wish Dr Li all the best and look forward to future collaborations.

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