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Australian Mangrove and Saltmarsh Network

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"Working together for better tidal wetland management, monitoring and research!"

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The Australian Mangrove and Saltmarsh Network is an informal independent network for people and organisations concerned about mangrove and saltmarsh tidal wetland habitats around Australia, and elsewhere. Those already in the network include professional researchers, managers, industry officers and environmental consultants, as well as community enthusiasts.

CHECK OUT our feature Videos introducing JCU's PCPA CHAMP project! This 4 minute clip shows MangroveWatch in action using S-VAM (Shoreline Video Assessment Method).  And, while there, if you have 15 minutes, also see the Extended Cut version  >>> >>> >>> >>>

All matters will be dealt with in an encompassing wider international context; especially, since a large part of our membership includes Australian-based researchers with international standing in their fields. For example, recent annual meetings have been enthusiastically endorsed and patronised by this group, with numerous experienced international speakers sharing thoughts and ideas. The Network further presents an invaluable opportunity for interested postgraduate students, and we hope to gain their collaboration in the network starting with specific presentations and extending to other contributions.

How are Mangroves & Saltmarsh responding to Climate Change?


In this Community Science Program Initiative of the AMSN with MangroveWatch, we provide a public database for recording observations of flowering and fruiting dates of Mangroves and Saltmarsh plants.

We further use this database to record the presence of Albino Propagules and Heterozygote parent trees, and the lodging of the Largest and Oldest mangrove trees you can find.

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