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Towards an Australian National Network for Mangroves & Tidal Saltmarsh

  • AMSN 2017 Darwin

  • AMSN Wollongong 2015

  • MMM Kenya 2000

  • MMM 2000 Kenya workshop

  • AMSN 2015 workshop
    AMSN 2015 field trip
  • MMM 2006 Daintree workshop

Australian Mangrove & Saltmarsh Network

AMSN logoOur Meetings ButtonAMSN HomeA short historical account of our network, including meeting locations, years, convenors, sponsors and other noteworthy items ...   at both our Australian meetings, and also the major international mangrove meetings called MMM...

                                  !!!NEXT AMSN MEETING!!!       SYDNEY 2018!  

Australian Meetings

!!! our NEXT AMSN National MEETING !!!  See you there!

2018 Sydney, NSW, Australia

AMSN logoMangroves and Saltmarsh - the Urban Survivors!

The 2018 AMSN conference and workshop are to be held in Sydney, 17-20 April 2018

Convenors: Swapan Paul (SOPA), Neil Saintilan (MU), Colin Field (UNSW retired), Cameron Webb (NSW gov)

Host organisations include: Macquarie University (MQ) and Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA).

AMSN Sydney 2018

The annual conference of the Australian Mangrove and Saltmarsh Network (AMSN) will be held in Sydney during 17-20 April 2018. Jointly hosted by Macquarie University and the Sydney Olympic Park Authority, this meeting will provide a unique opportunity to hear primarily about the current trends in saltmarsh and mangrove management with a specific focus on the complex issues faced by conservation and rehabilitation efforts in urban environments.

The format will be similar to that of prior AMSN conferences - striving for small focused gatherings with single sessions and opportunities to talk. 

All relevant information and links will be available from the following webpage: AMSN 2018

For further enquiries try: Cameron Webb  email:

Scientific Committee Members:

Swapan Paul (SOPA)

Neil Saintilan (MU)

Colin Field (UNSW retired)

Cameron Webb (NSW gov)

Nerida Gill (NSW gov)

Robert Williams

Sarah Clift (Parramatta)

Max Finlayson (CSU)

Norm Duke (JCU TropWATER)

2017 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

AMSN logoCOASTAL FRONTIERS : Saltmarsh and Mangroves!

The 2017 AMSN conference and workshop was held in Hobart, 21-24 March 2017.UTas logo

Convenors: John Aalders, Vishnu Prahalad, Ian Cresswell, Joanna Ellison

Host organisations included  UTAS and CSIRO.

CSIRO logoThe 2017 AMSN Conference was in Hobart from Tuesday, 21 March 2017 to Friday, 24 March 2017 and was held at the CSIRO, Castray Esplanade, Hobart (on the waterfront adjacent to Salamanca). The format was similar to that of the Darwin conference (which was an excellent event!!!). 

All relevant information and links are available from the following webpage:

For followup enquiries try: Vishnu  email: 

Scientific Committee Members:

Damien Burrows (JCU TropWATER)

Ian Cresswell (CSIRO)

Norm Duke (JCU TropWATER)

Jamie Kirkpatrick (UTas)

2016 Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

AMSN logo
The 2016 AMSN conference and workshop were held in Darwin, 3-6 May 2016.

Convenors: Kristin Metcalfe, Maddie Goddard, Andrew Campbell, Simon Townsend, Adam Bourke & Carmen Walker

"The only way is up! Sea level rise, climate change and coastal development: Mangrove and saltmarsh resilience and community response"

Charles Darwin University was proud to host the 2016 Australian Mangrove and Saltmarsh Network Conference (AMSN). The conference promoted sustainable communication and collaboration amongst professional researchers, managers, industry officers and environmental consultants, as well as community enthusiasts. More details and abstracts are posted on the website.

For more information:

Major sponsor is the Charles Darwin University's Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods (RIEL).

Reflections from Maddie .... making the link with Charles Darwin University and the next AMSN meeting.

2015 Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia

AMSN logoAMSN Wollongong 2015Australian Mangrove & Saltmarsh Network Conference entitled “Working with Mangrove and Saltmarsh for Sustainable Outcomes”, 23-25 February 2015. Meeting hosted by the University of Wollongong, The Nature Conservancy & the NSW Department of Environment & Heritage.

Conference & Workshop convenor: Kerry Lee Rogers & Colin Woodroffe.

 Read more about our 2015 meeting.

2014 Townsville, Queensland, Australia

AMSoc_2014AMS_2014 groupAustralian Mangrove Society Conference & Workshop entitled “Re-establishing science in the rehabilitation and monitoring of mangroves and tidal salt marsh”, 24-28 February 2014, at the ATSIP Building Meeting Room, Townsville. 

Meeting hosted by James Cook University TropWATER Centre.

Conference & Workshop convenors: Norman Duke, Damien Burrows & Jock MackenzieRead more.

2013 Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

AMSA.jpgAustralian Marine Science Association Conference Special Symposium entitled “Tidal wetland blue carbon and the whole-of-ecosystem approach to mangrove-saltmarsh repair and coastal condition monitoring”, 8-11 July 2011.

Symposium convenors: Norman Duke & Marcus Sheaves.

2011 Freemantle, Western Australia, Australia

AMSA.jpgAustralian Marine Science Association Conference Special Symposium entitled “Mangroves & saltmarshes – crucial ecosystems at the land-sea interface”, 4-7 July 2011.

Symposium convenors: Norman Duke & Marcus Sheaves. Read more.

2010 Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia

AMSA.jpgAustralian Marine Science Association Conference Special Symposium, entitled “The forum for Australian mangrove researchers, managers and enthusiasts: mangroves as proxies and benefactors for coastal, estuarine and catchment condition”, 5-8 July 2010.

Symposium convenors: Norman Duke & Marcus Sheaves. 35 people attended. Talks chiefly by postgraduate students.


2009 Adelaide, South Australia

AMSA.jpgAustralian Marine Science Association Conference, 6-9 July 2009.

General talks by Norman Duke, Marcus Sheaves, and others.


2008 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

ASMSoc_2008ASMSFor_2008The First Australian Mangrove Research Labs Forum, 20-21 November 2008, at the UQ Moreton island Research Station.

Meeting hosted by the University of Queensland Marine Botany Group.

Forum convenors: Norman Duke & Marcus Sheaves. Read more.




International Mangrove Meetings - MMM

There has been a growing number of international meetings specifically for mangrove scientists and managers called MMM (Mangroves & Macrobenthos Meetings). These commenced in 2000 based on the pressing need to do something about raising greater awareness of the plight of mangroves and their fauna.

                    !!! NEXT MMM !!!       SINGAPORE  2019 !  


Scheduled 2019 MMM5 Singapore

Dan's entree









The fifth MMM is planned to be held in Singapore, 2019.

Convenor: Dr Dan Friess



2016 MMM4 USA, St. Augustine, Florida, USA

MMM4 logoThe fourth MMM was held in St. Augustine, Florida, USA, 18-22 July 2016.

Convenor: Dr Candy Feller

Host Institution: Smithsonian Environmental Research Center.

MMM4: 4th Mangrove Macrobenthos Meeting (MMM4) was hosted in the USA along the Atlantic Coast of Florida, July 18-22, 2016. Our venue was Flagler College, in historic downtown St. Augustine, the “Ancient City”, which was founded in 1565… actually the oldest continuously occupied European-established city in the continental US. 

Workshopping KEYS


2012 MMM3 Sri Lanka

MMM3_logoMMM3 pic1The third MMM in Sri Lanka included a conference and workshop, with the conference held in Galle on the southern coast, and the workshop at Pambala-Kakkapalliya, 2-13 July 2012. The meeting theme was 'mangrove ecology, functioning and management'.  MMM is to be organised by mangrove scientists world-wide, every 6 years, i.e. at an interval that allows scientific innovation.  The organisers did not look for a large attendance as they preferred single sessions of presentations covering various topics, with plenty of time for discussion for each.

Meeting hosted by Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), the University of Ruhuna (UoR) and the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI) in asociation with the  Small Fishers Federation of Lanka in Pambala-Kakkapalliya. 

Convenor: Prof. Dr. Farid Dahdouh-Guebas

Conference Special Issue Publications:  Biogeosciences 10-11 (2013-2014) and Acta Oecologica 63 (2014)


2006 MMM2 Gold Coast, Australia

MMM2_2006 logoMMM2 DaintreeThe second MMM included a conference and workshop, with the conference held in Coolangatta on the southern Gold Coast, and the workshop in the Daintree area of north Queensland, Australia, from 25 June to 6 July 2006. 

The chief aims of MMM2 were to :

  • bring together active specialists in mangrove ecosystems research;
  • raise and address current and topical issues related to relationships between animals and plants in mangrove and tidal wetland ecosystems;
  • build and strengthen further linkages and collaboration between specialists in mangrove fauna;
  • increase the profile of our field of research and other aspects of mangrove ecosystems; and to
  • keep formalities to a minimum by keeping the meeting small and hands-on. 

One product of the workshop was a Letter to Science, 'A World without Mangroves' (Science, Vol. 317. no. 5834, pp. 41 – 42). Also, the book 'Australia's Mangroves' by NC Duke was launched.

Meeting hosted & supported by Griffith University Gold Coast, The University of Queensland, James Cook University, Queensland Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries, and The Ian Potter Foundation.

Convenors: Prof. Joe Lee, Dr Sabine Dittmann and Dr Norm Duke

Conference Special Issue Publications: Science (2007) 317: 41-42,  Journal of Sea Research 59(1-2) (2007) and Aquatic Botany 89(2) (2008)

2000 MMM Mombasa, Kenya

MMM GoldenPropaguleMMM MidaThe very first MMM was held in Mombasa on the 7-11 September 2000. The meeting was organised to address the knowledge gap of macrofauna and macrobenthic species in mangrove ecosystems worldwide. 

Meeting hosted by Museum of Zoology of the University of Florence and the Macrobenthos of Eastern African Mangroves (MEAM) Group. 

Convenors: Prof. Marco Vannini & Dr Stefano Cannici

Conference Special Issue PublicationWetlands Ecology and Management 10 (2002)