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Coastal and Estuarine Ecology

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Theme Leader - Professor Marcus Sheaves

Researchers in the Coastal and Estuarine Ecology Theme are world leaders in research into the ecology of tropical estuaries, coastal wetlands and nearshore ecosystems, their values, and approaches to ameliorate and repair human impacts on them.

Research undertaken in these ecosystems by the group includes:

  • Evaluation, understanding and quantification of nursery ground values and nursery ground functioning
  • Developing understanding of the nature and functioning of the complex mosaic of habitats that comprise estuaries, coastal wetlands and nearshore ecosystems
  • Evaluating the role of connectivity in ecosystem functioning, and nursery ground provision
  • Quantifying food webs and understanding their structural complexity using stable isotope and dietary studies
  • Gaining a more precise understanding of fisheries ecology and fisheries value
  • Developing climate change and sea level rise strategies that support ecological and fisheries values
  • Provide research and monitoring to support wetland repair projects
  • Developing and integrating hi-tech techniques (video, sonar etc.) for ecosystem studies

Research staff

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Dr Ellen ArielDr Ronald Baker, Dr Kathy Burns, Dr Catherine Collier, Colin CreightonDr Norm Duke, Dr Neil Hutchison, A/Prof Mark Hamann, Dr Julia HazelMr Jock MackenzieProf Helene MarshDr Ian McLeodProf Marcus Sheaves, Mrs Janine Sheaves, A/Prof Scott SmithersDr Susan Sobtzick, Dr Thomas Stieglitz, Dr Ariella van LuynDr Nathan Waltham

Featured research programmes

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    Other Research Programmes

    • Evaluating nursery ground contribution of different habitats for fisheries species
    • Understanding connectivity across the coastal wetlands-estuary-nearshore gradient
    • Evaluating seasonal utilisation of coastal wetlands by fisheries species
    • Detailing the specific nursery ground values of different components of mangrove systems
    • Seascape effects on nursery ground value of estuary and coastal ecosystems
    • Effects of bund removal on estuarine and wetland ecosystems
    • Adaptation of estuary and coastal ecosystems to climate change
    • Importance of mangroves to fisheries across 5 Pacific Island Countries
    • Coordination of Redmap Qld, a nationwide range extension database for coastal fishes
    • Evaluating the impact of oil spills on mangrove invertebrate assemblages
    • Supporting the Coastal Restoration Network


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