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North Australian Freshwater Fish

This project is a collaboration between the National Centre for Tropical Wetland Research (NCTWR) and the Centre for Riverine Landscapes (Griffith University).

NCTWR is a consortium formed in 2001 between James Cook University, Charles Darwin University, University of Western Australia and ERISS to collaborate on aquatic research in northern Australia. They thus represent a significant group in northern Australia, with access to relevant facilities and expertise in Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

The outcomes of this project are:

  1. Improved knowledge of the distribution of key fish species of conservation value to improve planning for their protection, including greater knowledge of the former range of the freshwater river sawfish based on anecdotal accounts
  2. Greater knowledge of the distribution of key weed species, including WONS species
  3. Greater knowledge of the condition and fish habitat values of key sites listed on the Register of the National Estate and the Directory of Important Wetlands
  4. Improved baseline data to underpin future development proposals in the region
  5. Greater community awareness of the aquatic biodiversity present in the region, and of other aquatic management issues raised during the project
  6. Greater recognition of traditional owner values in relation to fish and aquatic habitat
  7. Improved ability of the regional bodies and other community grups to evaluate and undertake planning and investment activities that take into account national, not just regional, priorities.


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