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Peter Ridd

 Theme leader - Professor Peter Ridd

One of the primary focuses of the Oceanography Group is the effect of sediment and nutrients on coral reefs in both natural conditions and also when dredging is occurring. To support this work the group develops new instrumentation (i.e., current meters, satellite tracked drifters, and sediment deposition sensors). Peter also runs the Marine Geophysics Laboratory at James Cook University.

Resistivity measurement of NT sinkholes

Our expertise:

  • Coastal oceanography
  • Measurements of turbidity, light, waves, sediment deposition, currents
  • Telemetry of oceanographic instruments
  • Dredge monitoring projects
  • Instrumentation development
  • Geophysical resistivity surveys



Research Staff

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From left to right: Prof Peter RiddDr Thomas StieglitzProf Mal Heron, Prof Lucy WyattDr Jasmine Jeffries, Dr James WhinneyMr Daniel Atwater

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