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Socio-economic Systems and Natural Resource Management

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Theme Leader - Professor Natalie Stoeckl

Focusing on the interactions between people and aquatic systems. Engaging with local communities to learn more about the way in which humans affect and are affected by their environment.

Our research focus:

Throughout the world, most of the threats to aquatic and coastal ecosystems are anthropogenic – caused by, for example, the overuse of surface and groundwater, the pollution of fresh and saltwater, resource extraction, and habitat alteration. Recognising the central role that humans play, we focus on the interactions between people and aquatic systems, looking for ways of influencing and/or managing those systems for a sustainable future. Geographically, our research focuses on northern Australia, South East Asia and the Pacific. Working closely with local communities, we combine insights from those ‘on the ground’ with insights from a variety of western-science disciplines to learn more about the way in which humans affect, and are affected by, each other and their environment.

Research Staff

From left: Professor Natalie Stoeckl (Theme Leader), Dr Taha ChaiechiDr Amy Diedrich, Professor Lynne Eagle, Dr Marina Farr, Dr Michelle Esparon and Dr Brendan Ebner.

Featured research programmes

We are involved in a broad range of projects across northern Australian tropical rivers, the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, and in the Philippines.

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