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Water Quality and Contaminants

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Bithin Datta Profile

Theme leader - Dr Bithin Datta

The Hydrology group working with large-scale, regional monitoring, management, detection and prediction of water contamination brings together unique expertise to be able to deal with these complex issues of modelling, prediction and remediation of various regional scale water contamination problems. The main methodologies being developed are at the cutting edge of research, and are universally applicable. However our main emphasis remains the sustainable, economically efficient use of water resources in the tropical environment.

Specific expertise representing current research activities, sponsored funding, and industrial consultancy include:

  • Simulation of flow and transport processes in surface and subsurface water systems
  • Modelling of watersheds and surface water-groundwater interaction in contaminated mine sites in Queensland
  • Detection of pollution in groundwater using designed monitoring networks
  • Characterisation/identification of unknown contaminant sources in groundwater
  • Optimal monitoring network design for compliance monitoring
  • Management of saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers e.g., in tropical Queensland
  • Optimal planning and multi-objective multi purpose operation of reservoirs for Hydropower generation, flood control, water quality control downstream, and water supply.
  • Sustainable use of surface and groundwater systems
  • Constructed wetlands for water pollution control
  • Modelling of pollutant transformations in aquatic environment
  • Development of processes that will enable phosphorus recovery from waste streams
  • Development of more sustainable practices in relation to phosphorus use/reuse

Research Staff

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From left to right: Dr Bithin DattaProfessor Rocky de NysAssociate Professor Wayne ReadAssociate Professor Wenxian LinDr Phil Schneider 

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Collaborative Groups

Professor Rocky de Nys also runs Macro - The Centre for Macroalgal Resources & Biotechnology, which is closely associated with TropWATER.

Macroalgae are an exceptional bioresource for the supply of biomass feedstock forbiofuel and numerous other bioproducts. Both marine and freshwater macroalgae are produced using non-arable land, and therefore this process does not compete at any level for food production. Biomass-derived fuels also reduce the reliance on petroleum for combustion, as carbon is captured during the production process by photosynthesis. Macroalgae are therefore an attractive and sustainable feedstock for carbon capture, bioremediation of wastewater, and the recycling of carbon into biofuel production and other bioproducts. Read more.

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