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  •  Solomon Islands Nursing Research Symposium 2012

James Cook University (JCU) has been involved with supporting control of vector-borne and neglected tropical diseases since the initial designation of a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre (WHOCC) in 1996 (AUS-68). It has through various re-designations and broadened its outreach from lymphatic filariasis alone to include soil-transmitted helminthiasis and then other neglected tropical diseases. It has been supported by the Anton Breinl Centre for Public Health and Tropical Medicine until 2012 and then by the School of Public Health, Tropical Medicine and Rehabilitation Sciences. In 2014, it was formally incorporated in the new College of Public Health, Medical and Veterinary Sciences at JCU and was closed in favour of developing a new overarching designation in 2016. The new designation of WHOCC for Vector-borne and Neglected Tropical Diseases was approved in 2017 (AUS-131).

The Centre is committed globally with other WHOCCs in the field of vector-borne diseases with significant expertise in mosquito-borne diseases. It is one of three WHOCCs dedicated to neglected tropical diseases. It is one of four WHOCCs globally commited to the elimination of lymphatic filariasis and one of three in the Western Pacific Region (WPR). It is the only WHOCCs dedicated to soil-transmitted helminthiasis in WPR. The Collaborating Centre continues to support and expand  the development of surveillance, research capacity building, control programs, training and control program monitoring and evaluation in the Western Pacific Region. It also supports the Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine at James Cook University.

Our WHO Collaborating Centre provides expertise in the following areas:

  • operational research
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • laboratory support
  • clinical advice
  • surveillance
  • research and other training
  • data warehousing and support centre


The Centre would like to thank the following people for their contributions and photographs: Patricia Graves, Sandra Hughes, David Beitey, Maxine Whittaker, Evan Casella, Peter Massey, Michelle Redman-MacLaren, Kim Usher, Daniela Vavrova, WPRO Image Bank (Seppo Suomela, Elodie Tomka)

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