Yvette is currently the Network Coordinator for NCCARF-Terrestrial Biodiversity Adaptation Research as well as the Research Coordinator for the Centre for Tropical Biodiversity and Climate Change. The NCCARF Terrestrial Biodiversity Network aims to provide management outcomes for the adaptation of biodiversity to climate change. In this role, she coordinates all network activities. To find out more see: http://nccarf.jcu.edu.au/terrestrialbiodiversity/

  • Yvette's PhD research investigated ecological differences between rare and common species of Microhylid frogs in the Wet Tropic Biogeographic area in Queensland. This research looked at the diet, macro and micro habitat selection, dispersal and ecology of 11 different species of microhylid frogs to determine if these traits could explain differences seen in geographic range size of such closely related species. Her research showed that no single ecological trait could explain differences in geographic distribution of rare and common species but that they all compensate in different ways to persist through time. While her main research interests are in conservation biology and reducing anthropogenic impacts on biodiversity and our natural environment, she is also interested in project management and working with diverse groups of people.

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CRC for Developing Northern Australia - Grant

Co-design phase, Water Security for Northern Australia Program

Indicative Funding
$225,000 over 1 year
This project will organise the collective expertise of 3 north Australian-based universities (James Cook University, Charles Darwin University and Central Queensland University) who have recently formed the Northern Australia Universities Alliance (NAUA). The NAUA partners will collaborate on undertaking a program of stakeholder engagement and research needs analysis in 4 focal catchments (Nodes) in order to design, develop and cost a cohesive and impactful 3.5 year research program that delivers on the core priorities of those stakeholders in those 4 focal catchments.
Damien Burrows, Nathan Waltham and Yvette Williams (TropWater)
Water Security; Northern Australia; Regional Development; Gilbert River; Ord River; Fitzroy River

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