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Associate Professor, Dr Taha Chaiechi, is an academic leader and researcher with extensive experience in research, teaching, and administration. She currently holds the position of Head of Economics and Marketing Disciplines in the College of Business, Law and Governance at James Cook University and also serves as Australia Director for the Centre for International Trade and Business in Asia (CITBA). Taha is also a proud Honorary Visiting Professor at DES Pune University, India where she contributes to the DES Pune research agenda by conducting comprehensive research training sessions and seminars for both staff and students and contributing to development of robust research policies.  

Since joining James Cook University in July 2009, Dr Chaiechi has demonstrated her dedication to serving the university through her involvement in various leadership roles, where she has been able to implement positive changes. She has extensive experience in leadership positions, including serving as Head of Discipline for over six years and holding various roles within the College of Business, Law, and Governance. Her roles have included Acting Dean, Acting Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching, Expert Member (Research and Scholarship) at the university's Academic Board, and Course Coordinator for the Master of Economics. She currently chairs two important college committees: the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Action (IDEA) Committee and the Sustainability Committee. Additionally, she serves as the college's Research Integrity Advisor. 

Her leadership experience extends beyond her role within the university, as she has also served as a detailed assessor for the National Intelligence and Security Discovery Research Grants (NISDRG) program, Future Fellowship Programs, and the National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP) for the Australian Research Council (ARC). She is the Founding Editor/Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Resilient Economies (Platinum Open Access) and Associate Editor-in-Chief of the Bulletin of Applied Economics (ABDC ranked).

Taha is an expert in the systematic modelling of dynamic relationships between economic, environmental, and social variables. She also has extensive knowledge of quantifying and economic valuation of environmental assets and services. Taha's research attitude is holistic and inspired by issues in climate change and natural disasters and their impacts on different economic sectors such as health, tourism, the environment, energy, and cities. At the core of her research philosophy, Taha is dedicated to the doctrine of sustainable development, and she uses the 2030 Agenda as a malleable guide throughout her research. Her multidisciplinary research approach has resulted in numerous collaborative projects over a broad spectrum of research topics, with the intention to enhance methodological approaches that are especially suitable for sustainability analysis. Since 2011, She has been collaborating on several research projects and consultancies exceeding $1.2 million in value.

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Current Initiatives:

  1. Editor-in-Chief of newly launched Journal of Resilient Economies (JRE)
  2. Edited "Community Empowerment, Sustainable Cities, and Transformative Economies" with Springer Nature
  3. Chair, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Action (IDEA) @ CBLG
  4. Chair, Sustainabilty Committee @CBLG
  5. General Chair for BEMAS Conferences in 2021 and 2022
  6. Lead a flagship about Climate-Resilient Economies and Community Empowerment  
  7. Edited the Research Training Workshop Series within CITBA
  8. Edited Business, Industry, and Trade in the Tropics with Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
  9. Edited "Economic Effects of Natural Disasters"  with Elsevier.
  10. Led a UN-Habitat Urban Thinkers Campus in Cairns 2019 
  11. Led a research team on ON-Prime Innovation Program

In her approach to Research and Engagement, Taha is committed to the 2030 Agenda and SDGs. Particularly, Taha focuses on SDG 8SDG11, SDG 13 and SDG 17.

Media Releases:


Textbooks & Textbook Reviews

.   Custom publication, BU1003 Economics for Sustainable Business (compiled by Taha Chaiechi), by McEachern et al, published by Cengage Higher Education (1st and 2nd eds)

. Custom publication, BU1007 Business Data Analysis and Interpretation (compiled by Taha Chaiechi), by McEachern et al, published by Cengage Higher Education (1st ed)

·        Textbook Review - Students resources and workshops (Economics for Today, 4th Asia Pacific edition - Published by Cengage Ltd.) (2012 and 2013)

·        Textbook Review (2012) and (2013)- invited to review three chapters of Principals of Economics 5th and 6th Edition- Published by Cengage Ltd.)

·        Textbook Adaptation (2013) -  Produced lecture presentations materials (Principals of Economics By Stiglitz and Walsh- Published by Wiley and Sons


  • BU4062: Current Issues in Business Research (Level 4; TSV & CNS)
  • LB5202: Marketing Essentials (Level 5; TSV)
  • LB5229: Economics for a Sustainable World (Level 5; TSV)
  • LB5410: Building Economic Resilience (Level 5; TSV)
  • LB5411: Resilience and Sustainable Development (Level 5; TSV)
  • TM5526: Public Health Economics (Level 5; TSV)
  • TM5529: Applied Health Economics (Level 5; TSV)
  • Economic Modelling and Forecasting (constructing mathematical or statistical representations of economic systems)
  • Regional Economics, Regional Sciences ( exploration of economic behaviors, systems, and processes in urban, rural and regional areas)
  • Economic Impacts of Climate Change and Natural Disasters ( Climate adaptation measures, Disaster risk reduction, Insurance and financial mechanisms, Energy efficiency and renewable energy)
  • Tourism Economics (Economic impact analysis, tourism demand, cost-benefit anlaysis, Destination competitiveness analysis)
  • Economic Valuation (assess the economic benefits or costs associated with different choices, policies, projects, or environmental changes, non-market valuations, cost-benefit analysis and externalities)
  • Economic Resilience (Shock and risk analysis, Resilience measurement and indicators)
  • LB5410- Building Economic Resilience (Building economic resilience involves developing the capacity of individuals, communities, and economies to withstand and recover from shocks and stresses, such as natural disasters, economic downturns, or pandemics)
  • LB5932 - Multinational Corporations and International Markets (Multinational corporations (MNCs) are companies that operate in multiple countries, with business activities that cross national borders. MNCs play a significant role in international markets, as they account for a large share of global trade and investment)
  • LB5411- Resilience and Sustainable Development (Resilience refers to the ability of a system, such as a community or ecosystem, to absorb and recover from disturbances or shocks while maintaining its essential functions and structures. Resilience is important for sustainable development because it enables systems to adapt and respond to changing conditions, such as climate change or economic fluctuations)
  • BX2053- Workforce Economics and Analytics (a subfield of economics that focuses on the labor market and human resources. It applies economic principles and analytical methods to the study of workforce issues, such as labor supply and demand, human capital investment, and labor market discrimination)
  • TO5202- Economic Decision-Making in the Hospitality Industry (Over a period of time economic forces have resulted in a gradual concentration of large global and national corporations in the market. However, the small to medium-sized sector remains viable with many entrepreneurs surviving and succeeding despite the prevailing economic climate).
  • 2021 to present - Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Resilient Economies
  • 2019 to present - Associate Editor-in-Chief, Bulletin of Applied Economics
  • 2020 to 2022 - Expert Member, JCU Academic Board
  • 2015 to 2020 - Program Convener, Master of Economics, James Cook University
  • 2018 to 2019 - Acting, Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching, James Cook University
  • 2014 to 2019 - Head of Economics and Marketing Academic Group, James Cook University
Research Disciplines
Socio-Economic Objectives
  • 2022 - Peer Reviewer- ARC Future Fellowships 2022
  • 2021 - Detailed Assessor- National Intelligence and Security Discovery Research Grants (NISDRG) - ARC
  • 2020 - Detailed Assessor, ARC Future Fellowships 2020, with the Australian Research Council
  • 2020 - Invited Guest Lecture in Executive Master of Public Administration Program by The Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG)
  • 2020 - CBLG Research Recognition Award
  • 2019 - Nominated for JCU Awards for Excellence- Community Engagement Category
  • 2019 - Highly Commended- TropEco Excellence Award
  • 2019 - Winner- TropEco Partnerships & Engagement Award
  • 2018 - Highly Commended-TropEco, Learning and Teaching Award
  • 2018 - Winner- TropEco Excellence Award
  • 2018 - Expert Assessor in ERA Research Evaluation Committees (RECs) with the Australian Research Council (ARC)
  • 2013 - Visiting Scholar to The CEPN (Centre d'Economie de Paris Nord) at the University of Paris 13
  • 2012 - Faculty Citation Award for “Outstanding Contribution to Students Learning”
  • 2012 - Appointed Peer Reviewer in ERA Research Evaluation Committees (RECs) with Australian Research Council (ARC)
  • 2011 - University Finalist in “My research in 3 minutes” competition, ECR category
  • 2011 - Inclusive Practice Acknowledgement Award, James Cook University
  • 2010 - Inclusive Practice Acknowledgement Award, James Cook University
  • 2008 - Best RHD (Research Higher Degree) Publication Award. University of Newcastle, Faculty of Business and Law
  • 2018 to 2020 - Associate Fellow, with Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA)
  • 2012 - Appointed “Fellow in Resident” with the Cairns Institute
  • 2012 - Fellow in Resident with the Cairns Institute
  • 2020 to 2022 - Expert member at Academic Board, JCU
  • 2011 to 2019 - Member of Centre for Tropical Water and Aquatic Ecosystem Research- (TropWATER)
  • 2010 to 2015 - Professional member of “The Economic Society of Australia” (ESA)
  • 2013 to 2014 - Wiley-Blackwell Digital Advisory Board Member for Economics
  • 2011 to 2014 - Research member of Centre for Sustainable Tropical Fisheries and Aquaculture (CSTFA)

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Journal Articles
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Conference Papers

ResearchOnline@JCU stores 87+ research outputs authored by A/Prof Taha Chaiechi from 2003 onwards.


Advisory Accreditation: I can be on your Advisory Panel as a Primary or Secondary Advisor.

These Higher Degree Research projects are either current or by students who have completed their studies within the past 5 years at JCU. Linked titles show theses available within ResearchOnline@JCU.

  • Contextual Factors explaining geographical heterogeneity in wellbeing: the role of climate, environment, social capital, and residential mobility (PhD , Secondary Advisor/AM)
  • Blockchain adoption in the agri-food supply chain: a comparative study of Australia and Nigeria (PhD , Secondary Advisor/AM)
  • An exploration of the transformational experiences of postgraduate students with no undergraduate degree (PhD , Secondary Advisor)
  • Assessing Institutional Frameworks for Oil Revenue Management in South Sudan: A comprehensive analysis of structures, policies and adaptability to Industry Dynamics (PhD , Primary Advisor/AM/Adv)
  • Understanding the Integration of Best Practice Enterprise Wide Risk Management with Strategy and Performance: A Queensland Local Government Study (PhD , Primary Advisor/AM/Adv)
  • Inclusive Growth and Climate Change Resilience in ASEAN - A Fiscal Challenge (PhD , Primary Advisor/AM/Adv)
  • The Impacts of Community Based Tourism (CBT) in Villages Surrounding Borobudur Temple on Tourist Spending and Economic Growth in Central Java (PhD , Primary Advisor/AM/Adv)
  • Micro business and cultural heritage in Singapore: Continuity, Custodianship and Community (PhD , Advisor Mentor)
  • Western Theory Versus Eastern Practice: Chinese Tourists and Toursim Suppliers (PhD , Secondary Advisor)

The map shows research collaborations by institution from the past 7 years.
Note: Map points are indicative of the countries or states that institutions are associated with.

  • 5+ collaborations
  • 4 collaborations
  • 3 collaborations
  • 2 collaborations
  • 1 collaboration
  • Indicates the Tropics (Torrid Zone)

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